Friday, February 19, 2010

Duplicate Checking system
This order taking tool suits places with a limited range of menu, a family restaurant or a fast food establishment with a quick
It is generally used when a table d’ hote menu is in operation and sometimes a very limited a la carte menu. As the name suggests there are two copies of each of this food checks, each set being serial numbered. A check pad or bill pad as it sometimes termed, usually contains a set of 50-100 food checks. The top copy of the food check is usually carbon backed, but if not then a sheet of carbon must be placed between the to[p and duplicate copy every time a fresh order is taken.

The order from the guest is taken on this kot /food check which is in duplicate and distributed as follows
- Top copy / original copy : kitchen
- 1st copy / bill book : cashier/ steward

For control purposes the top copy may have printed on it a waiter’s number or letter or initial. This would be the number or letter or initial given to a waiter on joining. The control and accounts department would be informed of the persons to whom the number applied, and he or she would retain it throughout employment. Also on each set of food checks would be printed a serial number.
The top copy of the set of food checks is made up of a number of perforated slips usually 4-5 in number. There is a section at the bottom of the checks for table number, date, total etc. the top copy sometimes has a cash column for entering the price of a meal or a dish ordered, but if this is not the case then the waiter must enter them independently on to the duplicate copy against the particular dish concerned.
When writing out a guests order a different perforated slip would be used for each course. The waiter must remember to write out the number of covers and the price of the meal or dish concerned on each slip. Before sending each slip to the hotplate see that the details are entered correctly on the duplicate copy together with the price. Since the duplicate act6s as the guest bill the waiter has to ensure that everything served is charged and paid for.
The guest after checking the bill pays the waiter or pays at entrance/ exit while leaving the restaurant. A seperate receipt is given to the guest if asked for

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