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Definition- The functional areas of the hotel in which employees have little or no guest contact, such as the engineering and maintenance department , laundry room and so on.


Day to day cleaning includes

Sweeping and mopping of the flooring and skirting, spot cleaning of the walls, emptying out the dust bins checking the lights, dusting the equipments after switching them off and dusting the shelves.

Weekly cleaning includes cleaning the lights.

The cleaning process takes place late in the evening or after the operations.

Maintenance cleaning

This work is done in coordination with maintenance staff.

Day to day cleaning includes

Sweeping and mopping of the floors , Cleaning the skirting , spot cleaning the walls emptying of the dustbin , dusting of the small equipments, cupboards ,

Heavy duty equipments are cleaned by maintenance staff.

Maintenance cleaning is done by the night shift public area staff.


It is done by night shift , it includes cleaning the hard flooring , cleaning the skirting, spot cleaning the walls, cleaning the carpets and rugs if carpeted, dusting the furniture like tables chairs cupboards filing cabinets. Checking the lights, cleaning the picture frames, emptying out the dustbins, changing the drinking water.

Weekly – suction cleaning of upholstery of couch area and chairs, cleaning of windows.

Periodic cleaning – shampooing the carpets and upholstery and washing the soft furnishing.

Corporate offices like GM office, all the cleaning is done similar to the other offices except thorough cleaning of the seating lounge, polishing the decorative articles is done on a day to day basis. The maximum work is done in the night shift after the duty hours. Work of the morning shift includes changing the flower arrangement, changing the drinking water, watering the plants and also gives the finishing touches.

Since all the offices are operational mon-sat. Sunday is the ideal day for all the deep cleaning and maintenance.

TIME OFFICE, outside the receiving area back porch & parking area are done thoroughly in the night in low traffic hours. The jet sprays are used to clean, cleaning of the rubber mats during this time.


Daily cleaning includes - cleaning the flooring and skirting, spot cleaning of the walls , cleaning of the carpet if the area is carpeted , changing the linen on the bed, replenishing the linen and the bathroom supplies, checking the lights , dusting the lockers form outside , refilling of water dispensers etc

Weekly cleaning includes – cleaning the lights, cleaning the windows.


Cleaning could be done by two ways

1. By jet pressure machine with the pressure of 150 psi using the sand, chemical, detergent and water. Where sand acts as abrasive.

2. It can be done by ropes which are suspended from the roof of the building, on which the cleaner suspends himself on the ropes using the safety harness tied around his body. Once he ties himself normal cleaning can be done by scrubbing and water.(spider-man process)

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