Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspection of VIP rooms

These rooms are inspected by not only the floor supervisor, but also by the senior authority like asst housekeeper floors, desk house keeper, even sometimes by executive house keeper

This is in fact not a typical supervisor’s responsibility, though a supervisors task.VIP rooms are checked personally by the assistant housekeeper or the executive house keeper. The guest room is opened and looked over to gauge how it will be seen by the VIP guest when he /she enters the room . then a more through checking is done. Along with the items and surfaces mentioned in the checklist, bed spread, lamp shade and pictures on the wall are checked for through cleanliness. The room should smell fresh, with no bad odours or dampness. White-ragging is carried out on random surfaces-this means checking the cleanliness of an area by wiping a white rag across it to see the degree of soiling .all the neglected areas should also be checked. The toilet bowls should also be checked by running a damp cotton swab under the rim. Finally, the house keeper must check that all VIP amenities are in place.

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