Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1. Please note, grandmaster key opens all single lock, double lock rooms + all store rooms. Also they double lock the rooms if needed. Master key opens all single lock rooms of the hotel.
2. Generally the A/C temp of the room is 21 degrees Celsius.
3. Dimensions of the rooms -
Categories of Hotel Area standard for bedrooms/bathrooms

• 5 Star/5 Star Deluxe Hotels
Single -
Double -
Bathrooms -
180 sq.ft.
200 sq.ft.
45 sq.ft.
• 4 Star & 3 Star Hotels
Single A/C and
Single Non A/C -

Double A/C and
Double Non A/C -

Bathrooms -

120 sq.ft.

140 sq.ft.
(Extra area may be provided if twin beds are to be provided)
36 sq.ft.
• 2 Star & 1Star Hotels
Single A/C and
Single Non A/C -

Double A/C and
Double Non A/C -

Bathrooms -

100 sq.ft.

120 sq.ft.
(All rooms should have proper ventilation
And ceiling fans)

30 sq.ft. Or
subject to local bye-laws

4. Chandeliers cleaning – Thorough cleaning is done during late night/very early morning shift. Cleaning large crystal chandelier in the conventional manner using ammonia and soft rags will take a house attendant 7-8 hrs. The second option could be to put ammonia in an upholstery machine with a fine spray adjustment. A houseperson sitting on a top scaffold sprays ammonia onto the chandelier. The drippings are caught in a huge plastic structure similar to inverted umbrella suspended beneath the chandelier.
5. Shopping Arcade – Front of the House area also includes Shopping Arcade. Unlike other public area cleaning, they are cleaned in the morning. They have to be cleaned before the opening of the shopping arcade. They have to be cleaned in the presence of their staff as they are dealing with expensive articles.
6. Jacuzzi – Small pools that give whirlpool baths one gets high pressure water flow released through the water jets.
7. Spa – It is the water specially heated above 39 degrees Celsius for therauptical use.
8. Solarium – They are the glass cubicles which have a provision for experiencing artificial sunrays. Generally used to give a tan effect.(Electromagnetic heating is used)
9. Sun-room – Access to natural sunlight and also beautiful view outside like garden etc.
10. Sauna – It is a small room or house designed to experience dry heat sessions. Literal meaning is hot or humid atmosphere. In sauna sessions a person using this facility sits/ reclines in a room over a temperature; 80 degrees Celsius. This includes relaxation and promotes sweating. Sauna can be divided into 2 basic styles.
• Conventional – In this the air is warm
• Infrared Sauna – In this the object is warm. One may use various materials as objects such as charcoal, active carbon fibres etc.
11. Please note that the last paragraph of the notes of Role of Supervisor includes the handover activity such as –
• Returning the keys
• Signing the key register
• Writing the necessary instructions related to her floor in the log book
• Necessary instructions related to her floor for the next shift in the log book.
12. Please note that the guest message register, guest special request register or guest loan items register all 3 are the same.
13. Work routines and related problems related to Public area during heavy traffic hours, high reach areas, specialized cleaning is required, special equipments.
14. Important key terms –
• Amenities
• Back of the house
• Front of the house
• Refurbishment
• Stay-over guest
• Vanity unit
• Crib
• On-change room
• Opening the house
• Bath sheets
• Coverlet
• Damask
• Dust ruffles
• Duvet
• Napery
• Napperon
• Terrazzo
• Runners
• Tent cards
• Lanai
• Murphy bed/Sico bed
• Sleeper
• Slip-out
• Bidet
• Kapok materials
• Monogram
• Night spread
• Ticking
• Z-bed
• Counter pane
• E-key
• Area inventory list
• Frequency schedule
• Threshold level

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