Friday, April 30, 2010

DATE_______ SHIFT_______
SR.NO Room No/ Location Description Of Call Action Taken/Service Required Given To Time Remarks

DATE_______ SHIFT________
SR.NO/ Room No / Item Given Returned /Date /Sign of Desk /Sign Of Attendant

• Pathogens
• Granolithic
• Pouffe
• Ottoman
• Performance standard
• Out sourcing
• Orientation
• Staffing guide
• Bio degradable
• Foyer
• Acoustic
• Dado
• Skirting
• Atrium
• Linen chute
• Niche/alcove
• Cham
• Parasites
• Pupa
• Contingency plan
• Hazards
• Par stock
• Inventory
• Schedule maintenance
• White ragging
• Credenza
• Preventive maintenance
• Runners(3 meaning)- used in f&b to join 2 tables -doormat running lengthwise –valet
• Tapestry
• Block cleaning
• Crinkle sheet
• Orthodox cleaning
• Duvet
• Seer sucker
• Stay over room
• Damask
• Ticking Parquet
• Hard board
• Bunk bed
• OPL – laundry on the premises

1. Please note room occupancy list is prepared by the floor supervisor
2. Room status report is prepared by desk supervisor
3. Night report and discrepancy is done by fo
4. Please make necessary changes in daily routine in this occupancy report is given which is not the report but it is the night report written by fo
5. Please note that a good bed is made of wood with box springs having interio sprung mattress with damask ticking
6. Duvet replaces blanket, bed cover, night sheet. It is not changed everyday but duvet covers are changed everyday
7. Please note night sheet is also called as crinkle sheet and snooze sheet it is made of seer sucker material. Please also note that top sheet is lad second in bed making.
8. While answering the question on electronic key, key control and lost and found please make use of the Xerox notes along with rbs notes
9. Previous notes were already sent on the blog role of the supervisor, fasade cleaning, back of the house.
10. For sauna refer to my notes and rbs book
11. Refer to swimming operation notes n rbs book and professional house keeping( Xerox person)
12. Please also note that work order is made in triplicate by the desk housekeeper. She also makes a note in the maintenance register. The original and duplicate are sent to the maintenance department. The maintenance engineer after going through the job , passes it on to the concerned technician, who takes both the copies to the area where repairing is required. If it’s a room he gets it open by the gra or floor supervisor attends to the complain and signs against the copies, stating work completed, also mentions the time and date. he gets the acknowledgement from the hk personnel and hands over one copy to the hk and the second copy is recorded in the maintenance dpt. At the end of the day the desk housekeeper make a report on the maintenance complain stating how many jobs are completed in the day and how many are carried forward.
13. Maintenance report file has a copy of the work order, prior to job completed where as work order file will have all the work orders acknowledged copies( after the job completed).
14. Maintenance format is in the practical book.
15. Please note that the last paragraph on the role of the supervisor include the handover activities such as returning the soil linen to the linen room(also take the Xerox of pg430 from rbs book) and the previous activities of handing over activities such as- returning the keys, signing the key register, writing the necessary instructions related to her floor in the log book and necessary instructions related to her floor for the next shift in the log book.
16. vip arrival list is handed over to the Xerox person along with format of call register and loan items register please note that message register n guest complain register are the same and not the loan item register.
17. Please note that is another note on pest control with the Xerox person.
18. Mini bar operations- mini bar is provided in the room it consist of a small refrigerator with hard, soft drinks, chocolates, juices ,mixes etc it is either looked after by hk or f & b dpt. The guest can avail this facility and required to pay on his consumption. A daily record of consumption is kept so that he can pay accordingly. It is refilled daily.

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