Friday, April 23, 2010

Communication System Used In Housekeeping Department
1. Telephone: Most common mode of communication in the hotel.
a) Quick contacts
b) Tow-way communication but can not be used for formal communication as there is no proof of what what has been said.
c) No extra labour.
Disadvanages: Distributing to the guest when used on guest floors or public area.

2. Written Memo:
Advantages: Used for formal communication as a proof is available of the document sent.
a) Time consuming as it may have to go through several channels before it reaches the concerned person.
b) One-way communication hence no clarification is possible.
c) Space required for stoppage of documents.

3. Pagers: Each pager has a particular number which is activated either by the telephone operator or the main office of the concerned person . When activated, it makes the sound ,the person inactivates the sound & contact the telephone number displayed on the screen.
4. Electronic room status indicator: There are two terminals, one at reception and other at the house-keeping. It works on a system of lights ; against each room number. There are three lights which signifies -
a) Green light – vacant room.
b) Red light – departure room.
c) white light – occupied room.
The reception can change the lights according to the occupancy of the rooms.
For the house-keeping office, number of lights can be changed. One can only view the status of the rooms at a glance. After the departure room has been cleaned,the room attendant inserts the sub-section is an master key into a key provided ,this changes the red light to a flashing light which is an indication that the floor supervisor has to check the room and then clear it to the reception.
5.Computer system: A terminal can be installed in the house - keeping office which is linked to a terminal like reception and the main computer in the control room. The reception can change from vacant to occupied. Front office cashier can change the status of rooms from occupied to departure and the house-keeping can change from departure to vacant.If the hotel has POS(point of sale). The individual outlets would be able to update the guest folios whenever they avail of credit facilities from their outlets. Any correction of billing would have to be made by front office cashier only.

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