Friday, April 23, 2010

Guest room Inspectitions

Guest room inspection.
1. Bedroom:
i. Procedure.
Check guest room entrance door.
Note any scratch marks, sumdy or dirt/dust on surface.
Check for ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on inside knob of the door.
Check proper operation of locks, chains and door stops.

ii. Check condition and cleanliness of light switches and surrounding wall area.
iii. Scan ceiling, walls, woodwork for any damage, dirt/dust.
iv. Check curtains for stains, check that hooks are in place and the rods work correctly.
v. Check window sills window for cleanliness, make sure windows are locked and that locks work properly.
vi. Make sure heating and air-conditioning unit is free from dirt and dust, operates correctly and the temperature is set according to property standards.
vii. Make sure telephone is clean and works properly.
viii. Check the bed
Make sure that the bed has fresh lineu.
Check condition of the bed spread and check the edges of the bed.
Look under the bed for trash or guest item.
Check head board for the dust.

ix. Check room furniture for scratches damage and dust check upholstery for stains.
x. Check lamps for starches and dust. Make sure light bulbs are of proper voltage.
xi. Turn –on television set to check for proper operation, turn-off and check for scratches , damage and dust.
xii. Check carpets and bade oafs or skirting boards for dirt, stain and dust.
xiii. Check that wardrobes are clean and have the proper anonym of hangers.
xiv. Check pictures and mirrors for dust,
xv. Check that bedroom amenities such as stationary and match-boxes are properly stacked.
xvi. Make a final check around the room to make sure that all items are well positioned and that all areas ceiling to the floor are cleaned and well maintained.
xvii. Complete a work order request and/or notifying the appropriated department for any item needing attention or repair.


i. Check bathroom door for scratches, marks or dust in the surface
ii. Check condition and cleanliness of light switches and surrounding wall area.
iii. Scan ceiling, walls and tiles for any damage, dirt and dust.
iv. Check shower area check tub and fixtures for watermarks, soap films and hair.
v. Check fixtures for correct position and operation.
Make sure bath not is in place.
vi. Inspect vanity and sink area
Check sink and counter area for watermarks, soap film and hair.
Check mirror for spots.
vii. Check toilet for cleanliness, flush to check for proper operation.
viii. Check floor and base board for dirt and dust.
ix. Make sure that towels are neat and cleanly arranged on towels racks.
x. Check toilet and facial issue and supply.
xi. Check that bathroom amenities such as soap, shampoo and mouth wash are properly stacked.
xii. Make a final check of bathroom to make sure all items are well positioned and that all areas from ceiling to floor are clean
xiii. Complete the work order request and/or notify the appropriate dept. for any item needing attention or repair.

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